Climage Change

In  this blog, I would say that that polar ice caps melting is one of the most serious climate changes. Even though this is a serious matter, it gets over looked all the time.

Right now, the world is at it’s most industrialized point ever. With all the gas and pollution that is in our air, it is throwing the balance in the air out of wack. This is the cause for it being hotter than it has been in the past and thus, it is causing the polar ice caps to melt.

This is such serious situation because if the ice caps was to melt, it could alter the whole world. A major effect that would happen would be that the sea levels would raise dramatically. Once the sea levels rise, it would cover a good bit of the cities that’s on the coast.

Me personally, I haven’t ever taken any steps to help the situation. The reason for that is because I’m just becoming aware of the whole situation.

If anybody wanted to help out with saving the polar ice caps, the should join the Natural Resources Defense Council. This is an organization that works to safeguard the earth and every thing that’s on it.


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