AIDS and HIV in Africa

I decided to do my blog on AIDS and HIV in Africa. The reason i chose this was because it’s a very serious matter.

The issue in Africa is the frequent spreading of AIDS and HIV. This is one of the most important global crises that has taken place in the past decades. AIDS is one of the leading causes of death in Africa. Even though, the people of Africa only account for about 15% of the world’s population, of all the people with AIDS/HIV, 70% of all of them is in Africa. Even though in some countries, the rate of the disease is spreading rapidly, there are also some countries who have rates lower than most cities in the USA.

The date of when AIDS started to spread around Africa goes back to around 1920, but people started paying more attention to the situation in the 1970s.

Today there are national organizations that test people to see if they have the disease and try to help them. The number of people getting tested rose tramendously in the past couple of years, reaching up to about 6.4 million people. With that being said, there is more than 20 million people who have the disease and don’t even know the have it.

This issue is important to the American Society because this horrible disease kills millions of people in Africa alone. Even though, its killing millions of people, there is a drug that can help people with HIV live longer, healthier lives. With that being said, it leaves some families in the situation, where they have to choose between food or the medicine.


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