Expert Blog: Police Encounters with African-Americans

The social problem that will be discussed is the encounters between police and African-Americans/Blacks. The reason i was interested in this topic is because for the past years, there has been numerous incidents between the two. I feel that this topic is an important one, because there is a boundary where it is okay for a police to use lethal force and when they shouldn’t.

In America, there is an outstanding concern about these issues that have come up recently. This has been a trending topic in the news for a couple of years now.

Some people come up with ideas to help better the social problem, but in reality the situation can take a turn for the worst at any time. In reality, the police are left in a tough spot where their life and the other person’s life is at stake. So when some people may come up with a way to fix the situation, you never know how the situation is going to turn out.

There is actually a lot of people who are saying that there needs to be a change in the way police do their jobs. There are citizens of all races and other police officers that say that there needs to be a solution.

This matter has had national attention for a while now. There has been multiple news segments about the police encounters with African-Americans. There is ways that we could reduce and alleviate this situations. When it comes to the police, the people could cooperate better and when it comes to doing their job, the police could learn to be more professional and less aggressive.

Encounters between black people and police has always been going on. In the past 20 years, people have been starting to react to the incidents more.

Some major recent events would be the killing of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray. Mike Brown was a teen from Ferguson, Missouri who was shot and killed by an officer named Darren Wilson. Eric Garner was a adult African/American male who got into an altercation with the police in Staten Island. During this incident, he was put into a choke hold for about  15 to 19 seconds and died. Freddie Gray was a 25 year old male who was arrested for having an illegal switchblade. While being detained, the police was said to have used unnecessary force. While in the back of the police van, Freddie fell into a coma and a week later he died.

There are officers and political figures who stepped in to bring awareness to this situation. There is also a movement called Black Lives Matter who has decided to step up to changing this situation.



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