AIDS and HIV in Africa

I decided to do my blog on AIDS and HIV in Africa. The reason i chose this was because it’s a very serious matter. The issue in Africa is the frequent spreading of AIDS and HIV. This is one of the most important global crises that has taken place in the past decades. AIDS is […]

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Climage Change

In ┬áthis blog, I would say that that polar ice caps melting is one of the most serious climate changes. Even though this is a serious matter, it gets over looked all the time. Right now, the world is at it’s most industrialized point ever. With all the gas and pollution that is in our […]

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Expert Blog #2

The social problem that will be discussed is the encounters between police and African-Americans/Blacks. The reason i was interested in this topic is because for the past years, there has been numerous incidents between the two. I feel that this topic is an important one, because there is a boundary where it is okay for […]

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