Oregon Shooting and SC Flooding

Oregon Shooting

With the tragedy of the Oregon Shooting, the shooter’s name was Christopher Harper-Mercer. Christopher was characterized as a loner who spent most of his time in his mother’s apartment.

Its important to understand how people think about the shooter, because there are different ways he can be portrayed. Some people may consider him to mentally ill and some people may consider him to just be a regular guy who collected guns and had social problems.

Stronger gun control could have stopped this from occurring. They could have had metal detectors o stop him from even bringing guns into the building. Another way is to make it harder for people to get firearms.

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SC Flooding

In the Flooding of South Carolina in 2015, it was a huge tragedy for the people in South Carolina. The people that were the most vulnerable, were the people who were at sea level and the cities that were at the bottom of a slope. The people who were least vulnerable, were the cities who were high in the mountains and way above sea level. When all the heavy rain started, there was plenty of flood warnings and once it started, there were reports of severe flooding all over South Carolina. The reporting that followed the flooding was people offering help to those who lost their homes and people offering services to those who needed help redoing their home. The hardest thing to recover from would probably be the water damage done to their houses and electronic goods. The least thing to recover from would probably be their grass because it will be well watered.

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