The homelessness and poverty issue that troubles the United States is actually better than most people would expect it to be. The percentage of the homeless persons has went down a lot of the past years, while the percentage of homeless families rose. The reason why these people can’t get out of poverty is because of unemployment, lack of affordable housing, poverty, domestic violence, and low-paying jobs. And with the Million Dollar Murray NPR, he suggests that instead of letting homeless people stay on the streets. He suggests that people should help homeless people get an apartment and assign an assistant with them to help them stay on track. The reason he says that is because it costs more to keep a homeless person on the streets because they go to the hospital constantly and their bill rises rapidly.


One solution that i think is fine, Functionalist/Conservative solution. I like the idea of getting the homeless people off the streets. It gives them a place to stay and it helps them get back on their feet. It also gives them a personal assistant to help them stay on track. The Million Dollar Murray audio clip basically explains the same solution.


This solution would save the United States more money in the long run. Statistically speaking, it costs more to keep a homeless person on the streets instead of housing them in a small apartment and helping them. In the Million Dollar Murray clip, he said “The guy that you are stepping over in the street is costing the system more money than anybody you know.” There is a small group of homeless people who constantly go to the hospital and their medical bill continue to rise because they don’t have the finances to pay for it. At the end of the day, the small group is costly the United States more and more as time goes by.


Part B Update

There are multiple ways that you can protect yourself from becoming homeless. One way is that you can cut back on your spending. When you do that, it allows you to save up money that you would spend so you can have it later. Another way is to cut some of your unnecessary expenses. You could also cut back on food, like going out to eat at certain places and fast food, because the money that you spend on food continues to add up over time.

While trying to protect yourself from becoming homeless, there are many ways you could become homeless. Losing a job and not being able to get another job is a good way that you could become homeless. And another way is if you make bad financial decisions, this could range from buying dumb stuff to investing your money poorly.











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