my first blog

My name is Marcus Lewis Frederick Chestnut, and I’m currently a freshman from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My interests consist of football, going to church, and socializing. I am currently trying to major in accounting and financing. The reason i want to follow this profession is because my dad has a restaurant called Big Mike’s Soul Food and i want to turn it into a franchise business(Big Mike’s Soul Food). It was also ranked #22 in the nation(Big Mike’s). One social problem that i wanted to focus on would be the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Most people have never even heard of the Garbage Patch because the media try to go around the problem. The Garbage Patch is a collection of garbage from all over the world that has come together due to the currents. The current size of the garbage patch is roughly the size of Texas (Garbage Patch). Here is another link for the garbage patch (Garbage Patch 2).



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